The Emergent Art of Military Design: Swedish Armed Forces and the Contemporary Security Environment

Authors: Ben Zweibelson, Lars Hedström, Magnus Lindström & Ulrica Pettersson

Excerpt: The Swedish adaptation of design thinking will enable long-term military cultural transformation as well as create the necessary conditions for critical innovation in various clients such as the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Civil Contingencies agency coordinating the civil defense actors. this article presents a brief history of the international military design movement, how Sweden’s unique context could apply design thinking, and how the Swedish Armed Forces might apply design thinking. integrating design into a military institution is not as easy as publishing a new policy paper or new doctrine for the force to incorporate. Design is an entirely different process, with different language, concepts, and processes that typically challenge and even conflict with established military analytic-based methodologies for strategy and planning.

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Zweibelson 2017 the-emergent-art-of-military-design-HoT-3-2017

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