Teachers, Leave Them Kids Alone: Debating Two Approaches for Design Education in Military Organizations

By Ben Zweibelson, Aaron P. Jackson and Simon Bernard.

This article functions as an informed debate between two experienced military practitioners, scholars and leading design proponents as to when military design should be introduced within Professional Military Education (PME). After an introduction by Colonel Simon Bernard, an experienced Canadian officer, Ben Zweibelson first argues that design should be taught at junior levels which would engender important benefits for the institution. Aaron P. Jackson then counter-argues that design is better served being taught at mid-career levels so as to maximize the impact design can have. After initial arguments, each author provides a rebuttal. What the conversation reveals beyond that both authors share an earnest conviction for design and its potentialities to positively impact complex military challenges is that there are merits to each approach. This international discussion is indeed timely as militaries, including the CAF, reflect upon how best to incorporate design methodologies into their national PME systems.

View the full article online at: http://www.cmrsj-rmcsj.forces.gc.ca/cb-bk/art-art/2018/art-art-2018-4-eng.asp


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