Systemic Design of a Force for the Australian Army in 2050

by Brandon Pincombe, Alex Ryan, Nick Kempt, Ashley Stephens, Nikoleta Tomecko, Darryn J. Reid and Kim Tang

Chapter 2 of: Design Thinking: Applications for the Australian Defence Force, ed. Aaron P. Jackson (Joint Studies Paper Series, No. 3; Canberra: Australian Defence Publishing Service, 2019).

In this chapter Alex Ryan and his co-authors document the process and results of a six-day design workshop conducted by Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group. This workshop applied a systemic design methodology to the challenge of designing a future land force in the 2050 timeframe, examining the framing question: “How can we design a Land Force that can meet the likely 2050 Australian strategic defence objectives in an irreducibly uncertain and complex future?” The chapter details the progress of the workshop, several of the design methods used, and its outcomes. It presents an excellent example of the Australian Defence Force having effectively applied design thinking in support of future force development.

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