Strategic Design: Seizing Emerging Opportunities in the Post-COVID Era? (CMS-AOD Webinar recording)

Governments and Armed Forces, their allies and partners struggle to develop sustainable strategies in the complex strategic environment of the 21st century. The COVID pandemic, climate change driven disasters and the ever increasing sophistication of technologies deployed in conflicts, just to name a few, reveal the difficulty, if not the impossibility to plan and, perhaps, even strategize. Strategic Design, however, suggests that a more systemic and conceptual approach to strategy can still be relevant in this context. At the seminar, Dr. Ofra Graicer, a leading practitioner and instructor of Strategic Design in Israel Defense Forces, and Dr. Robin Holt, the leading theoretician on strategic emergence will introduce strategic design and debate its relevance in the 21st century.

Please find the podcast version below. The video version will be added soon.


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