Robert Lummack - Defense professional

Robert Lummack has taught within National Defence since 2009. Prior to this, Robert completed an internship at UNICEF HQ, working with the Emergency Unit team which staffed experts for emergency situations. He also worked as a researcher for the Presidential Human Rights Commission of Guatemala, through the Canadian International Development Agency Young Professional Program. With National Defence, Robert has participated in military training and cooperation missions in Jordan, Brazil, Philippines and Macedonia. Additionally, Robert has participated in electoral observation missions, such as Mission Canada 2012 and 2014 in Ukraine as well as in Central America. Robert is interested in the interconnections between diverse subjects: development, conflict, the global economy and is interested in systems thinking, cultural intelligence, ethics, the Women, Peace and Security agenda, post-conflict contexts. He has traveled to about 30 countries. His education is in Political Science – international relations and comparative politics of developing regions.

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