Philippe Beaulieu B. - Project director

Philippe Beaulieu-B. is an assistant professor specializing in Defence, Security Studies and Design Thinking at Canadian Forces College (CFC), a research fellow at the Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS), University of Ottawa, and a Design Thinking Facilitator. Philippe is currently writing a book and several articles developing a sociology of military design thinking. He literally followed the footprints of design thinking from Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the US army, US Special Operations Forces and Canadian Armed Forces in the last three years. He holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of St-Andrews in the United Kingdom. Beyond design thinking, Routledge’s New International Relations Series will publish the book version of his thesis in 2018. This book questions confirmation biases in the relationship between theory and practice involved in the Iranian nuclear crisis from the American and Russian perspectives between 1998 and 2017. Philippe also published in the Review of International Studies (RIS) about Theorizing Ambiguities in Securitization Theory (with Jonathan Austin) (2017), in International Relations about Actor Network-Theory and Reflexivity (2015), and in the International Studies Journal about smart power/soft war and sustainable diplomacy between the US and Iran (2014).

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