Ofra Graicer - Defense professional

Dr. Ofra Graicer is an expert in systemic operational design (SOD) and aspiring Generalist a-la Joseph Campbell, working for the past two decades with Militaries and Defense establishments around the globe, towards transforming them into self-disruptive systems. Ofra co-instructs the Israeli Defense Forces Generals’ Course alongside BG (Ret’) Dr. Shimon Naveh, where they prepare Senior Military Officers for General Staff level of performance, and guide them through the process of devising strategy and operations for the new era. Dr. Graicer’s research areas range from Deep Operations to Special Operations and Cyber, where she develops Future Concepts, war-games and simulations. Her book ‘Two Steps Ahead: From Deep Ops to Special Ops - Wingate the General’ has been circulating in leading military command schools since 2009. Ofra served as a Snipers Officer in the IDF and is educated in Art and Film, Political Science and Security Studies. You can visit her dedicated website at www.ofragraicer.com

Advanced Military Design, Panel of International Experts: IMDC Conference, Ottawa, CA

Panel (from left to right): Dr. Philippe Dufort (moderator), Ben Zweibelson (USSOCOM), Brig. Gen. Kevin […]

SO SOD: An Antidote to the Futility of Design in Militaries

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Between Teaching and Learning: What Lessons Could the Israeli Doctrine Learn from the 2006 Lebanon War?

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“Beware of the Power of the Dark Side”: The Inevitable Coupling of Doctrine and Design

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Self Disruption: Seizing the High Ground of Systemic Operational Design (SOD)

Author: Ofra Graicer Abstract: Systemic Operational Design (SOD) is the postmodern incarnation of Soviet Operational […]

Self-Disruption & Systemic Operational Design

Watch video from youtube.com Ofra Graicer’s presentation on the evolution of Systemic Operational Design (SOD) in Israel […]

Why Generals need to forget before they can become generals

Speaker: Ofra Graicer Watch video from youtube.com