Aaron P Jackson - Defense professional

Dr Aaron P. Jackson is Senior Researcher, Joint Planning and Design in Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group, part of the Australian Department of Defence. A civilian Defence employee since 2010, he has previously been appointed Joint Operations Planning Specialist in DST and joint doctrine developer at the ADF Joint Doctrine Centre, where he specialised in developing executive, operations and planning series doctrine. In addition to his civilian appointments Aaron has served in the Australian Army Reserve since 2002. He has deployed as a civilian on Operation Accordion (Middle East region) and as a military officer on Operations Astute (Timor Leste) and Resolute (Australian border security). Aaron holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (International Relations) and has an ongoing research focus on defence and military studies, international relations, operational art and design thinking. He is author of numerous academic papers and articles. His publications listed below are those which focus on military design thinking. A complete list of his publications in all of his research focus areas can be found at his LinkedIn page, https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-p-jackson-b2908b18/. The opinions expressed in his academic papers, including those shared here, are exclusively his own.

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