Paul Mitchell

Canadian Forces College Approach to Design Education


Aaron P Jackson

A Historical and Paradigmatic Analysis of Civilian and Military Design Thinking

A Historical and Paradigmatic Analysis of Civilian and Military Design Thinking – Dr Aaron Jackson […]

Grant Martin

The Sublime: Is it the same for IBM and Special Ops?

  Watch video from   Presentation by LTC Grant Martin, Chief of Special Forces Personnel Proponency […]

Philippe Dufort

Advanced Military Design, Panel of International Experts: IMDC Conference, Ottawa, CA

  Panel (from left to right): Dr. Philippe Dufort (moderator), Ben Zweibelson (USSOCOM), Brig. Gen. […]


Putting Design in its Place

  Watch video from   Presentation by Dr Harold Nelson Dr Harold Nelson shares his […]


Over the Horizon Podcast 5 – Designing Future Security: An International Roundtable on the Military Design Movement

For this podcast, Over the Horizon – an online journal affiliated with the US Air […]


Jim Greer — Preparing Army Leaders for the Next Call

USSOCOM Joint Special Operations University’s 2018 Design Lecture Series: “Explaining the 21st Century Military Design […]

Ben Zweibelson

Ben Zweibelson — The Military Design Movement

Ben Zweibelson, as the Program Director for the U.S. Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM) Joint Special […]

Philippe Beaulieu B.

Design Thinking in the IDF: The Art of Moving On

Dr. Beaulieu-B., assistant professor at Canadian Forces College, builds on a renovation analogy to provide […]

Paul Mitchell

Professor Paul Mitchell — Stumbling into Design

Canadian Forces College Professor Paul Mitchell shares his journey in discovering design thinking and the […]


Col. Kevin Whale, Change by Systemic Design in RCAF

Watch video from Royal Canadian Air Forces Colonel Kevin Whale shares a concrete example of […]

Robert Lummack

Teaching Systems Thinking and Design to Senior NCMs

Watch video from Robert Lummack, instructor at the Royal Military College in St-Jean sur Richelieu, […]

Francis Clermont

Conscious Intention for the Cybernetician

This lecture addresses epistemological and ontological issues pertaining to military institutional culture, as well as […]

Ofra Graicer

Self-Disruption & Systemic Operational Design

Watch video from Ofra Graicer’s presentation on the evolution of Systemic Operational Design (SOD) in Israel […]

Ben Zweibelson

Postmodernism & Military Design

Ofra Graicer

Why Generals need to forget before they can become generals

Speaker: Ofra Graicer Watch video from


Shimon Naveh, Rhizomic Maneuver

Speaker: Shimon Naveh Watch video from