Hiring: Deputy Director: Fundraising & Finance


The Deputy Director: Fundraising & Finance insures the financial sustainability of the Archipelago of Design (AOD, non-profit organization), the Innovation Methodologies for Defence Challenges (IMDC) network and its projects such as Albatross in the long term. The Deputy Director: Fundraising & Finance fulfill this mission by managing the budget, applying to external funding opportunities such as grants, subsidies and donations as well as by developing partnerships with industries and stakeholders including soliciting investments. The Deputy Director: Fundraising & Finance is also encouraged to consider alternative fundraising avenues such as crowdfunding. As a secondary challenge, the Deputy Director: Fundraising & Finance will take part in administrative tasks including minor accountant type tasks. The Deputy Director: Fundraising & Finance will work closely with the General Director and his or her responsibilities including coordination tasks during sick leaves or holidays. 

AOD’s Vision and Mission  

AOD is a just cause driven non-profit organisation: We believe in reflexive leadership, emboldened by innovation methodologies to inspire people, transform organizations, and ultimately improve the human condition. We are nurturing an avant-garde, inclusive, and independent community of practice committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of defence and security ecosystems with our Canadian Armed Forces, Department of National Defence, NATO allies and partners, and we commit to the dutiful exploration of the complex relationship(s) between design-inspired conceptual innovation, organizational design, and change leadership. This cause and mission provides a shared purpose to the team as a whole, guaranteeing a rewarding and stimulating working environment and experience that can make a difference. More specifically, the Deputy Director: Fundraising & Finance will make the difference towards sustaining crucial projects aligned with this cause and mission and will set the conditions for enduring success beyond 2023.

Albatross & AOD-IMDC projects   

The Deputy Director: Fundraising and Finance will mostly focus on Project Albatross.

Albatross derives from Diomedes, a Greek warrior known for his god-like cunning expressed in part by advancing the Trojan Horse concept. This project seeks to scale up the innovation capabilities of defence and security personnel across NATO members and partners by developing a virtual learning experience. This experience will be grounded on a new genre building on state-of-the-art video game, film art and techniques. In contrast to the ongoing virtualization of military education, this new genre called Reflexive Virtual Organic Learning emphasizes self, organizational and environmental awareness & transformation through seamless learning by doing trials and errors motivated by an engaging narrative. The project will focus mostly on the triangular relationship between design driven conceptual innovation at the operational and strategic levels, organizational design and change management. Yet, we are ambitious. We believe that the potential of this project lies beyond this focus as it may become a stepping-stone towards revolutionizing defence education in general across NATO members and partners. The Deputy Director will also develop grant applications for fundamental and applied research projects related to design and innovation practices in security and defence organizations. 

Primary Challenges 

  • Develop a financial strategy with the co-directors making the future vision of AOD possible including by paying attention to grants, subsidies, tax credits, investments from and partnership with industries and public organizations, donations, crowdfunding, and other fundraising means. 
  • Chart a roadmap of all funding opportunities that might support AOD & IMDC projects in the long term.
  • Acquire the required knowledge base to develop competitive funding applications by self-learning and by attending relevant webinars, workshops, information sessions or similar activities. 
  • Conceptualize, develop and plan new projects with the co-directors and translate them into the required template for each specific fundraising opportunity. 
  • Prepare funding applications including write up for selected funding opportunities following milestones.
  • Coordinate with co-applicants, partners and participants for funding opportunities requiring their involvement in various forms (support letters, etc.).
  • Manage the budget of AOD, supervise required budget report writing for funders and stakeholders and coordinate contractors such as accountant for tax report purposes.   
  • Insure that AOD operates according to laws, regulations and the specific rules of each awarded funds.
  • Sustain in-depth relations with stakeholders involved in funding AOD and its activities. 

Secondary Challenges 

  • Cover for AOD and IMDC’s General director’s tasks in case of illness or during holidays. 
  • Supervise the hiring and contracts of AOD employees and contractors. 
  • Conduct minor accountant type of tasks not included in external accountant contracts.
  • Unforeseen tasks involved in fundraising and finance aspects as well as in being part of a small team managing and governing a non-profit organization and a global network.  

Profile: Required background  

  • Master Degree in Social Sciences, Management, Finance and other degrees aligned with the position.
  • Fundraising skills: Understanding of major funding applications processes in general, their subtleties and their wider organizational and environmental context.  
  • Communication skills: Capability to translate and make intelligible complex conceptual knowledge for different audiences, from academics to practitioners to the general public.  Robust writing skills in the research funding sector in social sciences or industry. 
  • Management skills: Capability to develop a realistic fundraising strategy and execute it within time constraints. Capability to manage a budget and interact with a small team and stakeholders including senior level leaders. 
  • Organizational skills: ability to take the initiative, work with minimal supervision, conducting multiple tasks at the same time, managing time & meeting tight deadlines and practice a robust work ethics.
  • IT skills: Experience using MS Office suite (Word, Excel & Powerpoint).

Profile: Recommended background 

  • Degree with a research component or significant research experience. 
  • Familiarity with either design, system thinking, complexity, social theory, critical theory, strategy, organic learning, situational learning, connectivism, education design or game design are perks, but they are not mandatory requirements.

Working Conditions 

  • Just Cause driven non-profit organisation and work involving shared ownership, responsibility and achievements (see above). 
  • Compensation:  45 000$ – 55 000 CAD$ (in addition to significant bonuses)
  • Duration: 3 years contract (2020-2023), Full time (37.5 hours per week) on average, flexibility required when approaching a deadline.
  • Direct Supervisors: Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard & Melissa Sinfield 
  • Secondary Supervisor: Philippe Dufort
  • Deadline for sending an application [EXTENDED]: September 4th, 2020
  • Entry planned for September 14th, 2020
  • Location: Mostly online with sporadic meetings in Ottawa and Toronto.


To apply to the position: send an application dossier into a single pdf file including: 

  1. Motivation letter justifying why you would be the perfect fit for this position (1-2 pagers) 
  2. A skill based Curriculum Vitae
  3. A sample of a successful fundraising application, research project or tax credits including a budget submitted to a recognized public funding agency such as in Canada: the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Banting Scholarships, Canada Research chair, Fonds de recherché Société et Culture du Québec, in Europe: the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme, or the European Research Council (ERC), in the United States: Fulbright scholarships, and the National Science Foundation (NSF).
  4. Another writing sample (tailored for a scholarly or public audiences) 

Send your application dossier to Melissa Sinfield, AOD General Coordinator, mesinfield@gmail.com by August 30th, 2020


Interviews will be conducted on Zoom. 

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