Jim Greer — Preparing Army Leaders for the Next Call

USSOCOM Joint Special Operations University’s 2018 Design Lecture Series: “Explaining the 21st Century Military Design Movement”, presenting Dr. James Greer (US Army Retired) and his lecture titled “Preparing Army Leaders for the Next Call The Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) continues its mission to provide education and training for the US Special Operations Command (USSCOCOM) and greater military community with this lecture series on the emergent military design movement. The JSOU Center for Continuing Education (JSOU-CCE)’s design and innovation program developed this ongoing series of design lectures involving key design experts, practitioners, educators and theorists to develop the Special Operations Forces (SOF) enterprise through these lectures that are uploaded online for unclassified and public access. The views and ideas expressed in these videos are those of the invited participants and do not necessarily reflect the Joint Special Operations University, USSOCOM, or the US Department of Defense. These videos are uploaded upon official review and release by appropriate authorities through JSOU and USSOCOM. Dr. Greer presents an hour-long lecture to a military audience on the topic of preparing Army leaders for the next call, and engages the audience on military design concepts for strategic, operational and individual application in complex military situations.

Dr. Greer’s biography: Dr James Greer, PhD has more than 40 years of experience leading, developing and managing leader development, training, education and operations for national and multi-national organizations with varying missions. Colonel (Retired) Greer served 30 years in the US Army, commanding organizations up to Brigade level and serving in strategic planning positions on the Joint Staff and in support of the National Security Council. A past Director of the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), he is a student and practitioner of Design in support of planning and decision making. He currently leads the creation of leader development programs focused on development of design, strategic planning, strategic foresight, complex problem solving, crisis management and values-based leadership skills for commercial and private sector organizations. He has facilitated the application of Design to campaign planning for ARCENT, ARNORTH, and USARPAC. Jim has taught Design across the Federal Government, including SOCOM, CYBERCOM, CENTCOM, USARPAC, ARNORTH, ARCENT, multiple Corps, Divisions, Brigades and Battalions, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Canadian Forces Colleges, and at the university and community college levels. He holds a Doctorate in Education, focusing on Army leader development, and Master’s Degrees in Education, Operational Planning and National Security. Dr Greer has led Army Research Institute (ARI) research in Design-related topics, including: integrated planning, visualization of complex problems, critical thinking and strategic thinking. Colonel Greer is a veteran of six tours in combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine and overseas operational deployments to the Balkans and Egypt.

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