e-Thinking: Pre-empting global instability in the 21st Century

by Eric Dion, CD, MBA, PhD.


In this article, we purport that e-Thinking is quintessential to pre-empt global instability. Global events don’t always happen by accident; human designs have a great part to play. However, major wars and conflicts the scale of world wars are avoided at all possible cost. Warfare, if legitimised by the people for the people, must maintain this moral high ground and the military, alone, is unable to solve root causes of contemporary and human conflicts. Constructive pragmatists do understand peace to be a measure of relative global instability, but Allied militaries must focus on enabling strategic success, not simply operational ones. These nuances are not semantics: Warfare’s leadership must emerge from our government and global instability can be strategically pre-empted, engaging the World through peoples.

Moreover, because the nature of war is multidimensional, and not solely a military concern, a more holistic and synergistic approach is required to tackle conflicts in all their complexity. In a “system of systems” perspective, we must address root causes, not simply symptoms. But for the present and foreseeable future, instability is relatively manageable on a global scale by deliberately creating clusters of Synergy that in sum, will foster positive dynamics. A small revolution in thinking, an “insurgency sustained by subversion” is truly required. It is through collaborative intelligence that human endeavours progress in every dimension. Call it integrated or comprehensive approach, its idea is to unleash and leverage e-Thinking.

Eric Dion e-Thinking

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