Dr. Ofra Graicer and Design Facilitation (JSOU Design Legends Series #8)

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Video interview of Dr. Ofra Graicer (Israeli Defense Forces Design Educator, IDF War College) by Dr. Ben Zweibelson, JSOU (CTR). Series interview team: Mr. Nathan Schwagler (CTR, METIS) and Dr. Ben Zweibelson. Edited by Mr. Michael Raimondi and Mr. Kirk Bell (JSOU audio-visual department), produced and published by “Think JSOU”, out of the Joint Special Operations University, U.S. Special Operations Command, Tampa, FL.

Recording date: OCT 2019

Recording location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Description: In OCT 2019, Dr. Shimon Naveh and Dr. Ofra Graicer from the IDF General Officer School in Tel Aviv collaborated with the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) in a series of design faculty engagements. These interviews are a result of these engagements and represent advanced military design theory, education, practice and reflection by some of the top military design experts in the world. In this 15 minute video interview, Dr. Naveh expands on what design theory provides and how tactical military planning and action is entirely at a different subordinate level of thought and action. He expresses the foundations of Systemic Operational Design (SOD, as titled in Israeli Defense Design Doctrine and Practice) and why they matter for militaries encountering complex security contexts today. All participants agreed to the content in these videos to be used for educational purposes and all discussions are unclassified, approved for public dissemination. The views and opinions offered in this video reflect the individuals and do not represent any official position of the US or Israeli government, military organization or service/school/program/company therein. In this video, Dr. Ofra Graicer is interviewed by JSOU’s Dr. Ben Zweibelson (Contractor, METIS) who provides education, theory and facilitation within the JSOU design and innovation program for U.S. Special Operations Command, Department of Defense, international Special Operations Forces, and other agencies and organizations.

These videos are intended for JSOU educational outreach to the SOCOM enterprise as well as international SOF, Department of Defense and various agencies and partners seeking design education. These videos also are intended for use in several of the advanced JSOU design courses.

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