Design Thinking in the IDF: The Art of Moving On

Dr. Beaulieu-B., assistant professor at Canadian Forces College, builds on a renovation analogy to provide an overview of military design thinking as practiced in Israel Defense Forces since 2013. Beaulieu-B. argues that movement or the art of moving on is the essence of Israeli military design as developed by Dr. Shimon Naveh and Dr. Ofra Graicer. This essence lie on perpetual deconstruction, reconstruction and intervention cycles. In conclusion, Dr. Beaulieu-B. offers lessons for Canadian Armed Forces based on key IDF design thinking notions. Dr. Beaulieu-B. presented at ‘Breaking Down Silos and Connecting Stakeholders: A Symposium on Systems Thinking and Design’ organized by the Centre for National Security Studies (CNSS) and hosted by the Royal Military College at St-Jean on April 11, 2017. For more details, visit

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