Design Thinking: Applications for the Australian Defence Force

This is an edited volume. Please see the contents page (reproduced below) for information about each chapter and contributing authors.

Citation details: Design Thinking: Applications for the Australian Defence Force, ed. Aaron P. Jackson (Joint Studies Paper Series, No. 3; Canberra: Australian Defence Publishing Service, 2019).

About this volume: Joint Studies Paper Series No. 3, edited by Dr Aaron P. Jackson, comprises eight diverse papers by Australian and international authors that examine the practice and theory of design thinking in a military context and its potential application to the Australian Defence Force. Together they provide an overview of military design thinking and its role in defence as well as ideas and examples of how it may be utilised in professional military education and the creation of future force options. One of the authors featured in this volume, Ben Zweibelson, has defined military design thinking as: ‘Creating what is needed but does not yet exist…so that the military organization gains relevance and advantage in the future system that is emerging’. As we look into the next decade and the changing environment we face, this volume looks at how design thinking might be used to address complex problems and develop different mental models and sensemaking capabilities to understanding and solve them.

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