CMS seminar: The Promise of Design Thinking in Civilian and Military Organisations

31 October 2019

Recent security issues such as civil wars in the Middle East and North Africa, refugee crises, terrorism and cyber vulnerabilities are testing the limits of traditional processes to solve problems. For several organisations including NATO members and partners, design and innovation methodologies offer promising new tools to address these issues. This seminar seeks to introduce these methodologies adapted for security purposes, to expose attempts and achievements and share future considerations from the US, Canadian and Danish Perspectives.


Ben Zweibelson, Ph.D. candidate at Lancaster University on the global military design movement

Nathan Schwagler, Former Head of Innovation Labs at Salvador Dali Museum  on American attempts and achievements

Philippe Beaulieu-B., Marie Curie Fellow at the Centre for Military Studies on Canadian attempts and achievements

Sune Knudsen, Vice-President of the Danish Design Centre on Danish attempts and achievements


Henrik Breitenbauch, Director at the Centre for Military Studies


13:30-15:00, October 31st, 2019


Register here no later than Tuesday 28 October.

Room 2.1.12.
University of Copenhagen
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Political Science
Centre for Military Studies
Øster Farimagsgade 5
1353 København K

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