Breaking barriers to deeper understanding: how post-modern concepts are ‘value-added’ to military conceptual planning considerations

Author: Ben Zweibelson

Author’s Note: this article attempts to stimulate further discourse on what the military requires in terms of Design concepts, vocabulary, doctrine, and education- but there is no expectation that adding Design concepts will subsequently eliminate traditional military planning concepts. Design provides dissimilar and often unique perspectives for military applications. Critical and creative discourse is a cornerstone in Army Design methodology; yet to think with Design requires one to let go of the preferred and traditional planning processes and embrace uncertainty. Military leaders should not seek an ‘end-all be-all’ definition or ‘paint-by-numbers’ set of Design procedures, but use some of the suggested concepts offered in this article to help enhance their repertoire of thinking skills. What do post-modern philosophical concepts bring to military conceptual planning? If we do not at least consider their value, we have already closed ourselves off from learning, and learning how to learn…

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Small Wars Journal - Breaking Barriers to Deeper Understanding_ How Post-Modern Concepts Are ‘Value-Added’ to Military Conceptual Planning Considerations - 2011-09-21

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