Philippe Beaulieu B.

Challenge-Driven: Canadian Forces College’s Agnostic Approach to Design Thinking Education

By Philippe Beaulieu-B. & Paul T. Mitchell Disclaimer: This blog post represents the perspective of […]


Thinking with Maps: Geospatial Reasoning in War

by Antoine Bousquet Thinking with Maps: Geospatial Reasoning in War Visual representations of space have long […]


Behavioural Insights in the Canadian Department of National Defence

By Eugenia Kalantzis and Dr. Damian O’Keefe   Context.  There is a growing trend in […]


e-Thinking: Pre-empting global instability in the 21st Century

by Eric Dion, CD, MBA, PhD. Summary In this article, we purport that e-Thinking is […]


Deliberate Systems Thinking & Accidental Design: A practical application within the RCAF

by Brigadier General K.G. Whale, RCAF, IMDC Keynote – 01 FEB 2018 “Dividing an elephant […]


Systems of Systems Thinking and Hybrid Warfare: A SOF Approach

By William Mitchell The global security upheaval at the turn of the century pushed complexity to […]


Strategic Conversations for Strategy Development: Horizon Scanning, TOWS & Scenarios

by Donna Dupont & Leon Young   My interest in strategic foresight started when I began […]

Ben Zweibelson

Creating the Design-Planning Bridge: Designing a NATO that Thinks Differently for 21st Century Complex Challenges

by BGen. Imre Porkolab, Mr. Ben Zweibelson   In the 21st Century, the international defense […]


‘Feminism is a bad word’: Towards a Heutagogic Approach to Learning about Gender in Professional Military Education

by Vanessa Brown A few months back I had a conference call with a person whose […]


Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Professional Military Education (PME): Gender Perspectives, Narrative, and Autoethnography in the Classroom

By Barbara J. Falk, Department of Defence Studies, Canadian Forces College/Royal Military College of Canada Designing and promoting […]

Robert Lummack

Why Militaries Need to Understand the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

by Robert Lummack, Professional Military Education Department, CMRSJ   For me, a crucial part of military […]

Ben Zweibelson

Put on Your Ruby Slippers and Start Exploring the Zone

By Brett Nesbitt & Ben Zweibelson Download PDF version If you are reading this then you […]


Hardly Thinking or Thinking Hard: The Future of Military Pedagogy

LCol Anne Reiffenstein, Chair, Department of Military Planning and Operations   Many of the students […]


Planting Seeds at the Strategic Level: Utilizing Design and Demonstrating its Utility

Colonel Tod Strickland, Canadian Army Various military forces across the globe have either consciously or […]


Design thinking in the Royal Netherlands Army

Design thinking in the Royal Netherlands Army By Major Jeffrey van der Veer*   Introduction The […]

Christopher Paparone

Old Wine into New Bottles? Designing Meaning on Emergent Events and Situations

By Chris Paparone The larger philosophical perspective I am advocating is “critical military epistemology” — […]


The Role of Contradiction in Triggering Critical Thinking

By Dr. Adrian Wolfberg, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA   Military officers entering professional […]


The Design Brain: Notes on Design & Facilitation 

By Glen Milne (Originally posted May 28, 2018. Updated, June 25, 2018) EVOLVING NOTES ON… […]


Turning Ideas into Actions: Personal Idea management

By Ed Bernacki You will see many interesting ideas at conferences. Some will be worth […]


Building a Culture of Innovation Throughout the Ranks

By John Hawley & Joel Garrison Upon reflection, innovation is the essential element in human […]


Innovation would be easy if people thought alike: understanding cognitive diversity and its application to solving the challenges facing defence forces

Innovation would be easy if people thought alike: understanding cognitive diversity and its application to […]

Mathieu Primeau

Fostering Shared Spatial Understandings

A look at how we understand space … the maps in our heads. Maj Mathieu […]


Enabling Innovation Through Emergent Transformative Design

By Dr. James Greer, Leads Institute   Enabling Innovation Through Emergent Transformative Design The Challenge […]


A Note on the Politics of “Design” in Professional Military Education (PME)

By Tarak Barkawi, London School of Economics   A Note on the Politics of “Design” […]

Ofra Graicer

SO SOD: An Antidote to the Futility of Design in Militaries

By Dr. Ofra Graicer, IDF Generals’ Command Course   Part One: “Beware of the Power […]

Aaron P Jackson

Towards a Multi-paradigmatic Methodology for Military Planning: An Initial Toolkit

By Dr Aaron P. Jackson   This article provides an overview of the current status […]